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The official home of Original and Second Generation Ted’s Heads.

Ted’s Heads

Ted’s Heads, the distinctive artwork crafted by Ted Ludwiczak, continues to thrive through this website, even after its origin on the banks of the Hudson River in Haverstraw, NY long ago.

The original Ted’s Heads and the newly created Second Generation Ted’s Heads by Ted’s daughter, Reneè Ludwiczak, are now obtainable in limited quantities.

ted's heads

Ted’s Heads: The “Easter Island Along the Hudson.”

Theodore Ludwiczak (1926-2016) gained recognition for his exceptional skill in sculpting unique creations from rocks he gathered from the Hudson River. His property along the steep Hudson River shorefront was adorned with a community of “Easter Island” style heads, known as Ted’s Heads, that captivated the attention of passersby and visitors from near and far with their intriguing gaze.

ted's heads
Ted Ludwiczak

About Ted and the
Ted’s Heads Story

Ted’s Heads

About Reneè and The Second Generation Ted’s Heads Story