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Original and Second Generation Ted’s Heads

Ted Ludwiczak

Ted’s Heads is a unique and highly sought-after collection of sculptures created by the talented artist, the late Ted Ludwiczak. Each piece was lovingly created by hand. The collection is inspired by Ted’s fascination with human anatomy and form, and his ability to capture the essence and personality of his subjects is truly exceptional.

The Original Ted’s Heads are highly coveted by collectors and art enthusiasts around the world. They are truly one-of-a-kind, with each piece being a testament to Ted’s exceptional skill and artistic vision. Whether you’re drawn to the intricate details of stone, or the bold simplicity of his pieces, each sculpture is a unique and captivating work of art.

Your Chance to Own an Original!

Investing in an original Ted’s Head is not only a chance to own a piece of contemporary art history, but it’s also an opportunity to own a truly exceptional piece of art. Whether you’re a collector or simply an art lover, adding a Ted’s Head to your collection is sure to bring joy and inspiration for years to come.

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Original Ted’s Heads

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2nd Generation Ted’s Heads Available in 5 Different Patinas

Second Generation Ted’s Heads are available in 5 different patinas : slate, red stone, natural, brownstone & verde.