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Art by Reneè 

Hello, my name is Reneè Ludwiczak.

I have recently retired from a fulfilling career with NYS Parks. As the daughter of the highly regarded sculptor Theodore Ludwiczak, creativity has always been a part of my life. My journey into the world of art began with the genesis of 2nd Generation Teds’ Heads, which involved creating replicas of my late father’s sculptures as a means of honoring his legacy. After achieving this goal, I felt a pull towards exploring other forms of creativity that would allow me to express my own unique gifts.

I discovered a passion for painting with acrylics and quickly realized that it fulfilled a void within me. Despite the demands of raising a family and pursuing a career, painting had always been a dream of mine. As a budding artist, I am still learning to trust the creative process and embrace the beauty that unfolds within my art. I believe that the light that shines through my paintings will minister to others, as it has for me.

I am proud to share my art with you and hope that you will enjoy it as much as I have enjoyed creating it. Additionally, you will find the artwork of my son, Theodore Sabini, available on this site. Thank you for your interest in our family’s art.

Please click on any photos of the cards or paintings below to submit an email request if interested.


Inside of Cards: